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There are many ways to you can contribute to SciFiTracks and help make this the best sci-fi soundtrack radio station on the net.

Spread the Word!

Tell your friends, neighbors, workmates, postal carrier, and everyone about this great, free sci-fi soundtrack radio channel you've discovered. We know it's tempting to keep this little gem all to yourself, but really, it gets better when more people know about us and listen.

  • The easiest way is to simply recommend us to others who share your passion for good music from science fiction and fantasy films, tv shows, and video games.
  • If you have a website, blog, Facebook page, etc., providing a link back to us and promoting our streaming soundtracks would be great and much appreciated.

Become a Live365 VIP

When you become a Live365 VIP subscriber, not only do you get unlimited commercial-free access to all the music we play, your subscription and listening also helps cover some of our monthly broadcasting fees. Learn more about the benefits of VIP membership.

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Please support the advertisers at Many of our sponsors contribute to the station when our listeners click and purchase from them.

We partner with, so before buying anything from, please use the links provided here at SciFiTracks. We get a small commission from anything you purchase (music, movies, books, whatever), and all proceeds go to buying new soundtracks from

Submit Content

If you have sci-fi or fantasy soundtracks you would like to send us to include on our playlist, we can do that. We only accept original CD's, though. Sorry, we cannot take ripped CD-R's, DVD's or MP3 files. Individuals can send content, as well as record labels looking to get in front of more listeners. Let us know before sending anything so we can make sure it is something we can include on our playlist. Contact us for our mailing address.